Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


To provide the developmentally disabled with a comprehensive array of habilitative and support services that allow each individual to function in the least restrictive environment by:

  • continually meeting the needs of the developmentally disabled population through community outreach, program development, and service delivery
  • advocating for the developmentally disabled and their families on a local, state and national level
  • educating the community about disabilities, disabilities prevention, service options, and other resources.


The Board of Trustees and Staff of United Cerebral Palsy believe that every human being is a unique person who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and that each individual must be allowed to determine the course of his/her life to the greatest possible degree.

It is the United Cerebral Palsy belief that every person has a capacity for self-actualization, and that people who are disabled are entitled to equal opportunities in the pursuit of a meaningful existence. In order to assume responsibility for self-direction, people with disabilities must have a realistic understanding of their abilities and limitations. This includes honest evaluations by medical, therapeutic and educational professionals, as well as a wide variety of personal experiences.

Any organization providing services for disabled students should develop individualized programs based on each student’s special needs. United Cerebral Palsy’s multi-disciplinary approach carries out these programs throughout the day and across discipline lines. Each program should focus on fostering the consumer’s capabilities for self-fulfillment and preparation for an effective role in adulthood. Family involvement should be encouraged and facilitated. Services should be integrated with the community to ensure that a maximum amount of vocational, avocational and living options will be available to disabled individuals.