Adult with Special Needs Program

The addition of the diverse disabled adults has allowed the ASN Program to expand services to accommodate 50 consumers.

The Adult with Special Needs Program offers a variety of supports which will assist individuals with disabilities to develop and expand their functional skills that are needed to live and work more independently in the community.

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The Adult with Special Needs program serves the individual with severe disabilities and medical needs by assisting with basic habilitation/ vocational skills, personal awareness, self-care, communication skills, leisure, socialization skills, perception and fine motor coordination skills.

  • Concrete functional skills are learned or enhanced through a variety of environmental experiences.
  • Current learning environments offered in the program include a working kitchen where consumers have hand on sensory experiences of touching materials that are used for meal preparation. Other kitchen activities include table setting , washing dishes and food shopping on a community outing.
  • A second learning environment includes an exercise program in which consumers learn skills through a series of range of motion exercises and muscle strengthening with specialized equipment.
  • A third learning component of the program focuses on leisure and socialization activities of engaging consumers in high tech computer programs, board games, cause and effect recreation games.
  • Another component includes a horticultural program which allows the consumers to fully participate in the automated greenhouse.
  • The Consumers have hands on experience with planting seeds, watering plants, and watching them grow.
  • Lastly, the Sensory Room provides relaxation and therapeutic opportunities for the consumers. The Sensory Room is fully equipped with music, bubble columns, a waterbed, a mirror reflecting hammock and massage recliners. The consumer is stimulated with the light sensors thereby allowing the consumer to desensitize or be stimulated based on the individuals needs.

The Adult with Special Needs Program helps to increase community awareness of the individuals by providing Community Integrated Outings. The outings include recreational activities, community affairs, cultural events and advocacy events for the Developmental Disabled.

Program Contact

H. Reggie Neal
(201) 436-2200