Personal Assistance Services Program

The Personal Assistance Services Program provides in-home assistance to individuals who can fully direct their care. Assistance is given in the areas of light housekeeping, activities of daily living, shopping, meal preparation, correspondence, and mobility whether it be by providing a ride or through assistance with public transportation.

Rules of Eligibility

All individuals or consumers must meet the program eligibility criteria as established as follows:

  1. Have a chronic physical disability and be from the age of 18 through the age of 65;
  2. A resident in the State of New Jersey;
  3. Need personal assistance services pursuant to a written plan of service prepared by the applicant/consumer and approved by the county designated agency;
  4. Must be self-directing and capable of managing and supervising their personal assistance services as determined by an assessment completed by a qualified assessor;
  5. Shall not have a relative or other informal caregiver available to provide the services that are needed;
  6. Must live in a community-based residence, such as a private home, apartment, group home, rooming or boarding home, education facility (dormitory or campus housing), residential health care facility. (Any services awarded by PASP while in a group home, rooming or boarding home, education facility (dormitory or campus housing), residential health care facility must not be duplicative);
  7. Must have received written confirmation of a physical disability from a physician and that the applicant/consumer requires no assistance in the coordination of therapeutic regimes (medical treatment, therapy, etc);
  8. Must not require more than 40 hours per week under the program.
  9. Must be in need of services for the purpose of supporting individuals who are employed in a paid occupation; or receiving training/education to prepare for employment or actively participate in community-based activities (volunteer service, serving on boards/councils, searching for employment, need assistance with parenting tasks, etc.).

Please note: Exceptions may be granted in situations as described under numbers 1, 5 and 8 on a case-by-case basis.

This Program is available throughout all of Hudson County.

Program Contact

Norma Garcia or Carlos Banos
UCP of Hudson County
721 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ 07002
(201) 436-2200 , Ext. 109

Program Hours

  • 24 hours a week
  • 7 days a week